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CancerWise Drop-In Centre

Welcome to CancerWise.  Our drop-in centre based in Chichester, West Sussex provides a number of free support services for people diagnosed with cancer, their families and carers. Clients can access a variety of complementary therapies, counselling and living well courses to help people to live well on a day to day basis. CancerWise offers free practical, emotional and social support to help patients through diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

Based in a convenient location, practically next Chichester bus station and a 5 minute walk from the train station. There is limited parking at the centre and free 2 hour on-street parking within easy access.  You will be assured of a warm welcome when you come and visit.

To download our brochures and for more information on what services we provide please click on the links below

Coping with Cancer  

Therapy and Counselling

CancerWise has activities taking place throughout the week, such as Art Groups, Choir, Qi Gong, Fitness and an Open House Morning held every Thursday, which are informal and educational. You will be able to join others for tea, coffee, treats, talks and activities. We have a number of courses running throughout the year in a variety of subjects. For times, dates and details click here for Courses & Group Activities page or alternatively give us a ring.

At CancerWise, we offer a ‘Living Well with the Impact of Cancer’ course, accredited by national cancer survivorship charity, Penny Brohn Cancer Care.  The course provides you with a tool kit of self-care techniques that can help support your physical, emotional and spiritual health.  Living Well Information

For further information or to book your place please contact CancerWise or Penny Brohn UK.


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Personal Stories

  • Many people come through the door of our Drop-in Centre for so many reasons and many have stories to tell about how CancerWise has helped them in their fight against cancer.  Many, but not all, have been successful.  It is reassuring to know too, that there is support from the professionals in health care as well as those who are suffering with cancer too. “CancerWise has been invaluable to me over the past six months.  Somewhere to pop in for a friendly chat, ask advice, share information and experience relaxing therapies.  It has really helped me cope with my treatment and feel human again”

  • It was a shock to be diagnosed with breast cancer, and right from the start CancerWise helped give us the mental strength to fight it with their constant support and down to earth advice, the friendly coffee mornings are good fun, it is a brilliant place

  • I am so grateful to CancerWise for all the support they have given me, information they have provided and local resources they have put me in touch with. What would I have done without you over the past five years?

  • After my fiancé died of breast cancer I returned to the South Coast to live and I was then myself diagnosed with cancer. I have found the kind help and advice given by CancerWise to be invaluable. Just one small example; the relaxing yoga class which I thoroughly recommend. I encourage all to support CancerWise.

  • I have had many patients who have benefited from the services you provide. They found it accessible and very relevant to their needs. I am very happy for any of my patients to try any of these complimentary and additional measures to help them during their cancer journey.

    DR G G K


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