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CancerWise has a team of experienced therapists offering a range of complementary therapies to support people with cancer.

More information about each of the individual therapies is available at the Centre and we are always happy to advise on the most appropriate therapy for you.

The treatments takes place in our private, comfortable therapy room at the centre and your appointment will usually last for an hour. Your initial visit includes a full consultation where you will be asked about your general health, medical history, emotional well-being and details of your current medical treatment. The information you give is treated as confidential, with the utmost respect and sensitivity. The therapy will be explained to you and there is always plenty of time to ask the therapist questions.

As a charity we rely upon donations and fundraising activities to continue providing valuable services to cancer patients and their families.

Relaxing treatments can be very helpful before chemotherapy, but we do not advise that you have any ‘hands-on’ treatments until at least 24 hours after receiving chemotherapy.


Reflexology chichester


acupuncture therapy for cancer patients


cancer support chichester


aromatherapy chichester

Emotional Freedom Technique

EMT for cancer support


reiki for cancer support

To find out more about our therapies please contact the centre.

If you would like to donate £20.00 for a therapy session for a CancerWise client please click on Donate to CancerWise.

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