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A diagnosis of cancer can be a devastating experience for most people. Some are able to talk to family and friends whilst others find that talking to someone who is unbiased and has specific training in counselling techniques will allow them to explore their feelings.

What Is Counselling?

Counselling is a one-to-one relationship between counsellor and client to help the client to explore their emotions, relationships and other personal issues to help them resolve life’s problems and cope with difficulties positively and practically.

How Can Counselling Help

Counselling is a type of psychological therapy where the relationship between therapist and client is built on trust and understanding. Counsellors help people who need support for a variety of emotional and personal issues, and can help them to deal with these issues in a positive and appropriate way.

cancer counselling

Specific to people with cancer, research has shown counselling may be beneficial for psychological health including anxiety, depression, and helping with the sexual side effects of cancer. Counselling is considered a safe and potentially beneficial therapy for people with cancer.

How can Counselling Benefit Cancer Patients?

The Talking Cure is how counselling has been described in the past. Talking to someone who is not connected to them in any way helps clients by relieving their anxiety and tension, enabling them to come to terms with their diagnosis and helping them to achieve a sense of peace. You will gain coping strategies to help communicate difficult, painful issues and understand yourself and your needs better.

Research has shown that counselling plays a significant part in helping individuals and families to face and meet the many challenges implicit to a cancer diagnosis and therefore improve quality of life. Clients have said they are able to communicate better on emotional issues. They have felt empowered and more able to communicate effectively with the health professionals involved in their care. Counselling has helped them to take back some control over their lives. It has helped relieve tensions with family and friends, enriching those relationships, helping to allow normality and the ability to still enjoy life and to plan for the future.

counselling for cancer patients

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