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Although we do not employ a dietician or nutritionist, we do cover nutrition in our Living Well courses and we provide opportunities for nutritional experts to come and talk at the Open House meetings on Thursday. However, our Naturopath Liz Walby does integrates nutrition in her advice to clients.

Nutrition is recognised as a cornerstone of good self-care for people living with cancer. Good nutrition can also help in prevention of cancer.

nutrition for cancer patients chichester

We are associated with Penny Brohn Cancer Care, through our Living Well courses. They have a Healthy Eating Programme and have provided this colourful and informative guide: Healthy Eating Guidelines, which covers areas such as :

  • Importance of healthy eating
  • Foods to eat and avoid
  • Eating mindfully
  • Easy ways to eating healthier
  • Hints and Tips
  • Meal Plan Suggestions

Penny Brohn have also published a book of recipes created especially for those with cancer ‘Nourish’ The Cancer Care Cookbook.

For more information visit: Penny Brohn UK

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