CancerWise is entirely independently funded. It receives no NHS or Government support and so we rely heavily upon donations or funds raised by our supporters.

Remembering CancerWise In Your Will

When it comes to your Will, it’s only right that your family and friends come first in your thoughts. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also leave a gift to a cause close to your heart.   Legacies are essential to our very survival, a fact that many of CancerWise supporters don’t realise.

Currently 35% of charity supporters say they would consider including a gift to charity after providing for their family and friends in their Will but only 7% actually do so.

What impact can a Legacy have for CancerWise?

A gift in your Will, no matter how large or small, can make a vital difference to the services CancerWise can continue to offer to someone living with cancer.

A gift of £200 can cover the CancerWise centre’s operating costs for 1 day.

A gift of £1000 can cover the CancerWise centre’s operating costs for 5 days. Gifts of other amounts can potentially enable CancerWise to offer additional services and facilities.

You can be confident that any gift left to CancerWise in a Will has a real impact, both now and in the future.

What benefit can a Legacy have for my beneficiaries?

Legacies and pledges can also have financial benefits for your beneficiaries, because gifts to charity do not count towards the value of your estate for inheritance tax purposes.  They may help to bring the total value of your estate below the taxable threshold, or reduce the amount of inheritance tax payable if your estate is above the taxable threshold.

What type of legacy can I leave?

  • A pecuniary legacy: a gift of a specific sum of money.
  • A specific legacy: a gift of a particular named item such as a work of art, an item of jewellery, a car, a property, etc.
  • A residuary legacy: a percentage or all of the remaining part of your estate once debts, funeral and other expenses have been paid for and other gifts have been made.
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